Investments on course,
aflot potentials and sinking ships

Investor Support

Some projects will develop to be fit for the stock exchange, most will not. A few potentials succeed long-term with a buildup of fully functional organizations and own revenue streams and cashflow to finance the ventures, some are prepared and divest earlier to industry players, while others struggle unnecessarily – the sinking ships.

Therefore, we divide our projects into these three categories to understand the journey early on, to be clear on our selection criteria, and to specify what stumbling blocks we need to handle to execute and deliver the contracted expectation.

When looking at the opportunities we also define the projects we trust we can help to succeed, and who want fundraising support.

Stock exchange MedTech potentials

In the commercialization phase, single-product solutions have limitations, therefore key selection criteria for CBO projects are:

  • Portfolio concepts that have the revenue potential to realistically carry the cost of a fully functional commercial organization.
  • Single-use devices
  • Wearables/diagnostic tools with electronic elements for Big Data collection, but not requiring an after-sales service organization
  • Reimbursable or institutional products as out-of-pocket products require BtC marketing structures to succeed
  • Homecare as the main market, or similar markets with well-established multi-player distribution structures
  • Backing of patient organizations as users are well identified and politically supported.
Fully launch-prepared potentials

If the commercial roll-out is not part of the package, we focus on executing all tasks and processes from design specification to marketing approval, or parts thereof, in a thorough, coordinated, and lean process, covering:

  • Concept & prototype development
  • Research & Development
  • Development for manufacture
  • QA, RA, and clinical support
  • Manufacturing and storage of finished goods
Execution support for Sinking Ships

Most, if not all MedTech investors have experienced failures, and see projects being delayed, absorbing cash, and having continuously high burn-rates due to unexpected processes and rework.

We have seen it all and offer an organization to take over projects that fit our focus and competencies. We execute faster.

Actual investment cases

With a focus on project criteria mentioned above and where the CBO partners are fully or partly involved,  hence, influencing the chance of success, we have at present identified the following opportunities:

UN Sustainability Development Goal #3 – Good health & well-being

  • Project D1: Fighting Multi-Resistant Bacteria (Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus – MRSA) in the environment and on the body with well-documented, non-alcohol, broad-spectrum, and skin-friendly D Already BPR-approved in one EU country.
  • Projects W1: Fighting infections and biofilm in chronic Wounds, as a main cause for non-healing wounds with potentially the best Antimicrobial Wound rinse product, well-researched, with clinical phase 1-2 documentation, but still to be CE-approved
  • Project W2: A state-of-the-art Wound Bed Preparation concept. According to leading KOLs, “80% of chronic wounds heal with proper WBP action”. Already cash generating.
  • Project W3: Hard-to-heal Wounds sometimes need more than WBP and moist wound healing to recover. By activating the macrophages and the body’s immunosystem, some of these long-lasting wounds heal. The concept was launched but needs pipeline development to succeed.
  • Project SIW: Protecting vulnerable skin with Stomas, Incontinence (IAD) and Woundcare is important to avoid compromising the skin and developing Wounds with an innovative Liquid Skin Protectant. More platform product development options exist, and a CE mark has been achieved for initial products.
  • Project WCO: Building a multi-product Wound healing Company (mini Mölnlycke), but based on innovative niche developments, acquisitions, and an existing cash-flow base.
  • Project M: Patient Monitoring: A simple innovative monitoring solution for psychiatric patients and elderly at nursing homes. Monitoring heartbeat, physical movement, and more offers better planning, treatment, preparation for nurses involved and convenience, and improved sleep and well-being for patients/users. Product ready for launch.
  • Project SWIMCO: Building the next single-use device Company with identified innovative niche Stoma, Wound healing, and Incontinence developments and acquisitions (mini Coloplast), and based on an existing cashflow base, adding Patient Monitoring to a focused homecare/hospital roll-out, thereby sharing the commercial investments across several promising products.
  • Project B1: Early point-of-care screening of various severe respiratory diseases, including lung cancer, using a relevant Biomarker and convenient and affordable diagnostic tool.

UN Sustaiability Development Goals #12 – Responsible Consumption & Production

  • Project C: Circular Economy in Healthcare: A solution for high-volume consumables and medical devices used in centers, hospital wards, and laboratories, combining the sale of products with a take-back system, decontamination, and the reuse of materials. So far six product areas are identified. Based on an initial cashflow base.


SPT Vilecon (DK)

CDMO + QA + RA + Legal

Coopmed (DK/DE)

Commercial + Sales

Ström Gulliksson (SE)


MedConCap (DE)

Clinically + Reimbursement + RA