The CBO Team


Team principle

The CBO Initiative was founded by SPT Vilecon and Coopmed. Therefore, the base team structure consists of managers from the two companies. However, product segments in MedTech are many and new competencies will be added when and if needed. As a principle, though, cooperation across functions is key to risk reduction, and therefore we seek organizational stability.

CDMO team

(Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization)

Chief Innovation Officer, Concept Development

Karsten Videbæk
SPT Vilecon (DK)

Chief Executive Officer, Manufacturing

Bjarne Andersen
SPT Vilecon (DK)


(Regulatory, clinical and reimbursement)

Legal & IPR


Klaus Irner
SPT Vilecon (DK)

Patent Attorney

Rikard Roos
Ström Gulliksson (SE)


(Contract Sales Organisation)

Executive Partner & Founder

Finn Ketler
Coopmed (DK)

Senior Partner & Co-founder

Hubertus Ruthmann
Coopmed (D)

SPT Vilecon offers a CDMO package including:

SPT Vilecon was established in 2011 by former Novo Nordisk employees and has worked according to a well-structured development model ever since. All Medical Device projects follow the same fine-tuned processes to minimize rework and loss of time, cost, and speed.

ISO certifications: EN ISO13485, ISO14001, GMP … and other certifications required

Cleanrooms: ISO Class 8/7, Grade CNC/C, with a plan to establish an ISO class 5, Grade B for aseptic production

Concept & Prototype development are handled in CAD systems SolidWorks and CREO and SPT Vilecon has a well-equipped tool shop, and diverse molding opportunities

Mechatronic, Electronic, and PCBA development are at hand (Printed Circuit Board and Assembly).

Metrology equipment as well

Our Manufacturing Site is large enough for your project

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